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Hi there! My name is Arron Simpson - and this is my portfolio website. I've worked in the videogames industry for more than 12 years, and now work as a Lead Artist at Riot Games.  Previously, I worked as Art Director at Kixeye and Paragon Studios, Lead Artist at eeGeo, and Art Director of APB for Realtime Worlds. 


I have had the opportunity to art direct across a range of game types, of differing styles and production scales. I've very much enjoyed having that opportunity, and it's given me a broad view of the games industry - as well as giving me some diverse skills and knowledge.

For the last 4 years, I've been working in the Bay Area of California - initially for Paragon Studios and Kixeye - now for Riot Games.

Previously, I worked in Scotland for eeGeo and Realtime Worlds. At Realtime Worlds, I was Art Director on APB - a large-scale urban combat mmo. We achieved some excellent results on the art side of things with APB. We created a groundbreaking customisation system for characters, vehicles and graphic symbols, as well as creating a game with a high standard of visual quality for this type of title. This type being a large-scale persistent online multiplayer action game, with a huge city play space, allowing for 100 players, all with unique character and vehicle models.


Get in touch

I'm always open to any opportunities that might come my way. So if you have any available positions that you think might suit my skill set - don't hesitate to get in touch with me. Mail me at -arronsimpson@hotmail.com



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