APB Trailer 1 - E3 2009

This was the first trailer we released for the game at E3 2009. I put together the general concept for this trailer, as well as doing the directing, capturing and editing. It was a tricky trailer to make, as so much of the game didn't work at the time - which meant we had to deviate from the original concept a bit. Also, we didn't have the resources to create a dedicated cinematics team - so we had to improvise. 

The trailer did fairly well though in spite of the difficulties - receiving a good reception on YouTube and GameTrailers. This, and the other videos for E3 2009 also helped us win some awards and nominations from IGN and 1Up. 


APB Customisation - E3 2009

This was another video for E3 2009 - showing the variety and quality of APB's customisation system.


APB Trailer 2 - PAX 2009

This was the second trailer we released for APB. The idea with this was simply to release some live gameplay footage of APB - which hadn't been done at this point - simply because the game wasn't ready for it. Also, with APB being a 100 player game - it was very difficult to get good in-game footage prior to beta, as we required so many people to play it to give a fair impression of how it would look.

Again, I put this video together myself - getting groups and teams at the company to play the game live, and capturing it. This video took me a couple of days to capture and put together. It got a really positive response - still sitting at a rating of 9.2 on GameTrailers.


APB Loading Screen Sequence

The loading screen sequence was one of the last things we did on the project - and is an excellent example of the art style we created for marketing purposes - but in motion.

This was art directed by myself - the work was created by 3 talented artists we had at the company. Jon Stockwell and Tom Stockwell created all of the artwork, and Jon McKellan did a fantastic job doing all of the animation, motion graphics and scene transitions.


APB Intro Cinematic

This was the intro cinematic we created for the start of the game. Narrative wasn't a major focus for APB - so this sequence intended merely to set the scene, and allow the player to understand the premise of the game.

This sequence was shot and put together by a talented artist we had at Realtime Worlds - Jon McKellan.


APB Customisation E3 - 2010

This video shows some of the incredible customisation we had in the game, and the quality of the assets. APB allows the player to customise their character - including body shape, face, clothing, tattoos, hair, make up, body paint etc. As well as their character, the player can customise vehicles, make graphic art with the Symbol Designer - and also create music tracks.


APB Early Trailer Concept

This is an early APB concept trailer that I put together. The trailer was made purely for internal purposes, and has never been seen publicly before.

As you can see, the game was at an early stage of development at the time. I was actually Lead Vehicle Artist when I made this trailer - but became Art Director on the project not long after this was made.


APB Trailer MashUp - With Rare Early Footage

I put this trailer together for a bit of fun - for internal purposes only. It's basically the best of the footage from the first 2 trailers, mixed with some very early footage of the game right at the start of the video.

The early footage shows a 'blue-box' version of the Financial District, completely untextured or dressed. It also shows some early placeholder vehicle models which look pretty bad. :)

But this is probably my favourite trailer - more so than the official ones. Having a good music track always elevates the quality of a trailer. And I love the track in this one, I think it fits well with the general feel we were going for.